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Back To Original Laser Cleaning Service

Our fast and efficient rust removal laser cleaning and preparation process uses the latest state of the art machines to clean off rust and oxides to metal, ceramic, plastics, wood or concrete substrate surfaces, without damaging the part, bringing the material back to original!

Environmentally Friendly

Back to original laser cleaning process means that there are no nasty or harmful chemicals used during the cleaning process. The process is fast and very cost effective, certainly a green alternative to using nasty dangerous chemicals and sand blasting without pitting or damaging the part.

Remove Rust From Intricate Parts

Back To Original are able to remove rust from delicate or intricate parts quickly and efficiantly in a manor that no other process can reproduce. We can modulate the laser power to remove a small or greater layer depending on the material to be cleaned.

Our unique lazer beam delivery system allows to clean even unusually complex patterns.

Back To Original

Effectively we are able to laser clean your parts to bring it back to its original state.

Materials and Surfaces For Cleaning

Mold and tool cleaning, paint stripping and decoating as well as cleaning and modification of metallic surfaces to name just a few.

Back To Original Services

Surface Preparation

We provide suface preparation on many materials such as metals, plastics and ceramics substrates, concrete walls, woods, floors and statues etc. Providing a great surface adhesion for decorating or refinishing.


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